About TasteFresno

TasteFresno is the Central Valley's leading source for all things food, from seasonal cooking to restaurant trends, and every bite in between. Fresno is one of the most diverse communities in the world, and each of the cultures found here introduces to unique flavor and food story—TasteFresno is a celebration of that diversity, and of the valley's rich agricultural heritage!

Meet the Team

  • Alisa Manjarrez
    Community Manager
  • Megan Terzian
    Writer & Recipe Developer
  • Oliver Ooytas
    Production Assistant
  • James Collier
    Editor & Photographer
  • Tracy Newel
    Writer & Recipe Developer
  • Enrique Meza

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Local Bites

Local Bites

Join Mayor Swearengin and TasteFresno each month in supporting locally owned and operated restaurants.

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