Café Corazón: The Chopped Challenge

Posted by alisamanjarrez on Sep 05, 2012
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cafe corazón foccacia

Café Corazón has recently expanded its menu from fresh roasted coffee brewed to order and specialty teas to balanced croissants and warm focaccia bread topped with everything from beet bechamel sauce, ham Serrano and Thai basil aioli. Chef Jacob Martinez is the café's new secret weapon, ready for anything Leo (café owner) throws his way.

If you know Leo, you know that his appreciation for the Slow Food movement and his standards for taste perfection are the driving forces behind his business. After all, Leo's coffee roasting journey began because he couldn't find anyone in town simply making a good cup of coffee. Leo's new ambition is not to just serve excellent pastries and breads to customers; he wants to keep Chef Jacob on his toes, challenging him to experiment with fresh, local ingredients each day.

Hence, The Chopped Challenge.

This Thursday, for Arthop, Café Corazón is cooking up a challenge based on your recommendations for three mystery ingredients. Chopped is a Food Network show that challenges chefs to combine weird or interesting ingredients (e.g. strawberry milk powder, chayote, black bean sauce) and use them to create delicious dishes. Some of the best episodes of Chopped are the ones where the audience gets to decide what three mystery ingredients chefs get to use for the Chopped Challenge.


In the comments below, recommend three mystery ingredients for Chef Jacob to put on a savory focaccia bread creation. At 9:00 p.m., we'll choose a set of mystery ingredients at random. Tomorrow, everyone will get a chance to purchase the unveiled masterpiece during ArtHop. You'll get to cast your vote and decide if Chef Jacob will end up on the chopping block.

He's up for the challenge, so chop to it!