Bread crumbs: All the links you've left behind

Posted by James Collier on Oct 27, 2011

I took a short vacation. Had a beer (in Denver, pictured above). Meanwhile, all of this made it's way to the internet:

Mixed Bag

Restaurant News

  • El Toro is back! (Facebook)
  • Irene's in Tower was recognized at last week's City Council meeting for its 20 years of business.
  • Nature's Grill is now open at Champlain and Perrin. Based on early reviews (123456) I'm…skeptical. Still, it might be worth the DealSaver.
  • Palomino's is out. The Pinot Wine Bar is in. (Fresno Beehive)
  • Something new (the name is still unknown) is coming to downtown's Fulton Mall--the spot that used to house Come & Get It (and Milano before that). I'll know more details tomorrow.
  • Karsh's in Tower may not be closed for long - rumor is that it's re-opening in November as an Asian fusion restaurant.

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