Farewell, Fresno Foodie

Posted by James Collier on Dec 18, 2012
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I don't remember how I stumbled across it, but back when Blogspot blogs were a thing, I discovered Fresno Foodie. The content was sparse but rich; snarky, to the point, and somehow enticing even without photography.

I wanted to meet the author, but couldn't find contact info. Fast forward a few months and I learned her name—Tracy Newel—and that she contributed to The Undercurrent (back when that, too, was a thing). We connected on Facebook, then eventually met to talk food.

That was March, 2009. After our first meal together, I wrote this piece—at the time, I was too intimidated to continue calling myself a "foodie." (Ha.) In the nearly four years since, Tracy and I have shared countless food experiences: exploring local restaurants, crafting recipes to highlight seasonal produce, collaborating on dinner parties, and on and on and on. Food aside, she's become one of my closest friends.

Tomorrow, T-bone Tracy and her beaux board a plane to NYC, where they'll start a new (food) journey together. To say goodbye, I pulled together a few highlights from our time together:

Cheers, Tracy. Thank you for your contributions to Fresno's food culture, for teaching me (and many others) how to make a proper pie crust, and most of all for your friendship.