Farmer to Fork: Amber Balakian

Posted by James Collier on Nov 15, 2012
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Early last summer, I took a day trip to SF to visit the Saturday farmers market at the Ferry Building. I was enamored by display after display of gorgeous stone fruit; then, I noticed the boxes, which identified where it was grown. Reedley, Dinuba. Kingsburg.

This was our fruit!

I remember one of the farms, because I snapped a quick photo at their booth:

I saw a stack of similar boxes a few weeks back, when visiting the home of Amber Balakian, a 26 year old boomerang. Amber's story gives life to many of the themes now circulating throughout the local food movement, including a focus on "value added" production. What excites me most, though, is that she's cooking with her grandmother, and adapting her recipes. 

See for yourself:

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Video credit: Meza Films