Merry Decembeer!

Posted by James Collier on Dec 07, 2012
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Ask any of my close friends—hell, ask anyone following me on Twitter—and they'll tell you I don't need much of an excuse to have a drink beer. "Breakfast" is usually good enough.

Yet, every year, I dub the final month Decembeer to justify a daily pint. I use the month to explore new brews, with a simple goal: one new beer a day (on average),for a total of 31.

I'm just back from a week's stint in Louisiana, where I explored the local flavors from Abita, NOLA, Tin Roof, Parish Brewing, Lazy Magnolia and a few others. This morning I stocked my fridge with enough supply to get me through the next week. I'm logging everything using the Untappd app on my phone—follow along at, or join the conversation on Twitter at #decembeer.

If you're just now catching on to this, you're a week behind me, but you have plenty of time to catch up. Get started by heading over to your favorite bar and picking out something new—Fresno Brewing, Spokeasy and BC's Pizza have a great selection on tap, and Old Doc's and BevMo offer the best variety in the bottle. I recommend stepping outside of your comfort zone, and mixing it up; I blew my tastebuds on super hoppy IPAs the first year I tried this.

If t-shirts are your thing, there are a handful of these for sale at Fresno Brewing Company—$20, or $15 if you support the place by buying a beer. For custom orders, email me.

Happy drinking Decembeer!