Quick rant from the airport

Posted by James Collier on Nov 30, 2012
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You don't realize how much of a "food snob" you've really become until you're wandering around DFW, desperately hoping for anything other than a chain restaurant for dinner—shaming yourself for approaching the hostess at TGI Friday's to ask for a table. But, here I am.

Should I get a salad? Maybe something without meat. (You know, just to be safe.)

I'm flipping through the menu, knowing that a burger sounds good, but wary of what it'll taste like. Then, I see this:

Photo from TGI Friday's

You know, that doesn't look half bad. I bet it'll go great with one of those craft beers on tap.


This isn't a review, so I'll make this quick: the burger that just came from the kitchen looks nothing like that photo. The meat is finely-minced and firmly-packed, like those frozen slices of a meat log you get from the grocery store freezer. The brioche bun is dense and chewy. The bacon is half the thickness shown; I'm not even sure how you slice bacon this thin. And the "whiskey" sauce is served on the side, which is probably advisable, since it's the consistency of a runny simple syrup—it's about as sweet as that, too.

There's nothing I can do now, save skipping dinner. Let's chalk this misunderstanding up to the photography.

So much of my food attention is focused locally, that I forget how large chain restaurants seduce us with misleading imagery. I've been spoiled by Facebook updates from Keith's Boxcar and Dusty Buns, which focus less on the quality of the photo and more on showing us what's actually coming out of the kitchen. 

Photo from Dusty Buns

Fuck. This just showed up in my feed as I scrolled to catch up on Facebook from the day. [sigh]

Oh well, gotta run—I need to grab a Starbucks before my next flight!