In good company

Posted by jamescollier on Jul 02, 2009

I tend to think of myself of a foodie. I love to eat. I love to cook (when I have the time). I'm passionate about what's grown and served locally.

But Friday I learned that I'm not deserving of that title.

Actually, this story begins a few months back, when I tracked down caught up with a local food blogger. We talked food, blogging, Fresno—the usual. It was refreshing to find someone as excited about all of it as I am.

Fast forward several weeks, and Tracy organized a dinner with the spouses, inviting Kim and I over last Friday. She inivited another food-loving couple, as well, the husband being the founder of Ripe Now (more on that later).

A quick sidenote about the food: it was incredibile. Appetizers included a bean spread on crustini, topped with wine-soaked grapes, and yellow watermelon topped with goat cheese and basil. Dinner included grilled flank steak with chimichuri, broccoli salad, grilled tomatoes and jasmine rice, followed by champagne and a strawberry and lemon curd gateau (recipe coming). Again, incredible.

Over appetizers, we got acquainted. We talked food, blogging, Fresno—the usual. It was clear that Kim and I have not traveled as much as the other couples, but we had stories to share (for the curious, my default involves squirrels).

Over dinner, however, we realized we were out of our league. These people aren't just passionate about flavor, or cooking, or cultural influence—they're versed on sustainability, and measure things like food miles. They read books (I only read things like blogs and TV listings). They buy local (I'm trying...). They grow their own food (I don't—yet).

While I was a little intimidated by the amount of knowledge about and enthusiasm for good food, I love meeting others with fervor for good eats. And I wish I could eat like that regularly!

From here on, I will be more selective in labeling others myself as a foodie.