Mennonite Munchies: Verenika, Zwiebach, and Borscht

Posted by JenniferDeibert on Apr 01, 2011
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Verenika, zwiebach, and borscht are not prolific in Fresno, but this weekend, Mennonite cuisine will be arriving in full force. The West Coast Mennonite Relief Sale will be held on April 1 and 2 at Fresno Pacific University’s main campus with events starting Friday at 4pm and ending Saturday at 3pm.

A verenika lunch will be held from 11:30-1:30pm on Saturday afternoon. Verenika is a German-Russian Mennonite food made from a dough wrapped around a farmer cheese mixture and crimped to create a half circle and served with gravy. Frozen verenika are also sold by the dozen.

A main draw for the event it always the zwiebach, a sweet yeast bread with one round ball of dough stacked on top of another. There is always and abundance of homemade jellies, jams, and preserves.

Another traditional Mennonite food is borscht, a cabbage and vegetable stew. Not only is it delicious, but borscht is a great choice for those counting calories and fat.

The best thing, however, about the Relief Sale is all the proceeds go directly to Mennonite Central Committee’s relief work. MCC is involved in world relief throughout the globe and continues to aid relief efforts in disaster areas. Not only is the food good and unique, it contributes to feeding the hungry and providing basic needs and continuing support for those in need.


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tonytwotone  |  Fri, 2011-04-01 16:37

Fresno Pacific! Whooo! Go Sunbirds!