[Blog post] Save the Date: Wine, Pork and Peaches

Posted by James Collier on May 14, 2013

Image courtesy of Nikiko Masumoto's Facebook page

Foodies, here's a quick rundown of three events you shouldn't miss over the next few weeks. Not listed: a series of pop-up brunches featuring favorite ingredients from this time of year. You'll have to contact me directly for info on those.


[Blog post] On Capitalism, Community, and a Crusty Ham

Posted by James Collier on Apr 16, 2013

Warning: this is a rant. A half-drunken one at that. There are explicatives. None involving the baby in the photo above--she's there to remind you, and me, that this post is about people.


[Blog post] A Farmer's Reflection on the Fresno Food Expo

Posted by Nikiko Masumoto on Apr 04, 2013

Editor's note: The Fresno Food Expo, by almost any measure, is a resounding success, and has received great coverage from local media reporting it as such. But for those of us focused on food culture - not just food production - it leaves us wanting more.

Nikiko Masumoto is a friend, farmer (of the legendary Masumoto Family Farm), and performer. She explores this thought, and offers her reflection on this year's event.


[Blog post] Currently on Kickstarter

Posted by James Collier on Jan 26, 2013

Zamore' Mobile Pizzeria

You like pizza. You like food trucks. Naturally, you'd love a pizza truck that could roll up in front of your business join the lineup at CartHop events. So help make it happen.


[Blog post] Farewell, Fresno Foodie

Posted by James Collier on Dec 18, 2012

I don't remember how I stumbled across it, but back when Blogspot blogs were a thing, I discovered Fresno Foodie. The content was sparse but rich; snarky, to the point, and somehow enticing even without photography.


[Blog post] Mas y Masa: Tamale Throwdown

Posted by James Collier on Dec 14, 2012

Forget eggnog, presents and the fat man coming down your chimney (ho!); December is all about tamales. And you need not look far to find them—someone is probably selling them in your office, or your neighborhood, or in the parking lot of the closest shopping center.


[Blog post] Merry Decembeer!

Posted by James Collier on Dec 07, 2012

Ask any of my close friends—hell, ask anyone following me on Twitter—and they'll tell you I don't need much of an excuse to have a drink beer. "Breakfast" is usually good enough.


[Blog post] Quick rant from the airport

Posted by James Collier on Nov 30, 2012

You don't realize how much of a "food snob" you've really become until you're wandering around DFW, desperately hoping for anything other than a chain restaurant for dinner—shaming yourself for approaching the hostess at TGI Friday's to ask for a table. But, here I am.

Should I get a salad? Maybe something without meat. (You know, just to be safe.)

I'm flipping through the menu, knowing that a burger sounds good, but wary of what it'll taste like. Then, I see this:


[Blog post] Talking Turkey

Posted by James Collier on Nov 19, 2012

Confession time: I don't really like turkey. I mean, I like the animal, but not the meat. Unless it's deep fried, that is, but anything that's deep fried should taste good. Amiright?!

See, I've been burned too many times on a dried out, over-done carcass—even when cooked properly, the meat can still taste dry and chalky. Or so I thought.


[Blog post] Farmer to Fork: Amber Balakian

Posted by James Collier on Nov 15, 2012

Early last summer, I took a day trip to SF to visit the Saturday farmers market at the Ferry Building. I was enamored by display after display of gorgeous stone fruit; then, I noticed the boxes, which identified where it was grown. Reedley, Dinuba. Kingsburg.

This was our fruit!

I remember one of the farms, because I snapped a quick photo at their booth:


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