[Blog post] Upcoming: Fall Wine Cornucopia

Posted by James Collier on Oct 22, 2012

Cheese. Dried fruits. Nuts. Know what really goes good with wine?


Don't believe me? Taste for yourself this Saturday at Chukchansi Park, where the San Joaquin Valley Winegrowers Association is hosting its eighth annual Fall Wine Cornucopia. Tickets are $35 ($40 day of) and give you access to a wide variety of local goods. Billed as "The valley's largest wine tasting event," you can probably expect a little wine, too.

Oh, and tri-tip.


[Blog post] October Food Events

Posted by James Collier on Oct 03, 2012

Image credit: Big Fresno Fair

Forget the change in weather: it's easy to tell that fall's here by how much we start to eat and drink (read: swimsuit season is over).

Looking to stretch out your holiday pants? Here's a quick rundown of what's in store this month:

Big Fresno Fair

Kettle corn. Tri-tip. Fried shit. I can't eat anything here because I'm participating in October Unprocessed, so savor a few bites for me?


[Blog post] A goodbye...musical?

Posted by James Collier on Sep 28, 2012

It's been almost three years since I asked Alisa to join me at Paprika Studios. She was my first hire—I don't think we wrote an actual job description, but if we did, I'm guessing it didn't say much beyond, "Other duties as new ideas are born." Alisa's helped to launch the Frebby Awards, Picture Fresno, and several of our client projects. She's also been the day-to-day voice here at TasteFresno.


[Blog post] Have lunch with the Sheriff's Association!

Posted by alisamanjarrez on Sep 25, 2012

Fresno DSA

Each month, on the last Wednesday (psst, that's tomorrow!), Fresno Deputy Sheriff’s Association serves tri-tip lunches as a fundraiser for the Peace Officer Memorial and service work in the community. For just $6, you get tri-tip, rice pilaf, salad, and a side of chili. 


[Blog post] In the Bag: Clovis Farmers Market

Posted by karlikomoto on Sep 14, 2012


Meet Mariana. As she walks around the Clovis Farmers Market, she and her husband are submersed in a street fair of fresh produce, food stands, and live music. The atmosphere is entertaining for all, and draws out many Fresnans on Fridays after the week is over.

Mariana enjoys the Clovis Farmers Market because of the unbeatable prices. With bags full of grapes, white peaches, and red onions, Mariana comes out to find great produce to keep stocked in the house.


[Blog post] Five Minutes with a Foodie: Paige Collins

Posted by karlikomoto on Sep 11, 2012

paige collins, karli komoto

Eighteen year-old Paige Collins (pictured above on the left, with me on the right) knows how to keep her family and friends’ stomachs happy. Don’t let her age fool you, Paige knows her way around the kitchen and is constantly expanding her repertoire of delicious recipes. Whether it’s dinner, dessert, or a between-class snack, Paige creates the perfect foods for any occasion.


[Blog post] In the Bag: The Prince's at the Palm/Nees Market

Posted by karlikomoto on Sep 06, 2012

amy prince and kids

Meet Amy Prince and her sons, Mason and Logan. For the Prince family, finding the Palm and Nees Farmers Market was a pleasant surprise. Located just outside in the parking lot of GB3, Amy is happy to take her kids after her morning workout.

“The other day when I was walking into the gym I saw a sign for a new farmers market,” Amy says, “I love shopping at local farmers markets, and this one is so convenient.”


[Blog post] Café Corazón: The Chopped Challenge

Posted by alisamanjarrez on Sep 05, 2012

cafe corazón foccacia

Café Corazón has recently expanded its menu from fresh roasted coffee brewed to order and specialty teas to balanced croissants and warm focaccia bread topped with everything from beet bechamel sauce, ham Serrano and Thai basil aioli. Chef Jacob Martinez is the café's new secret weapon, ready for anything Leo (café owner) throws his way.


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