[Blog post] In the Bag: The Barger Family

Posted by karlikomoto on Jul 18, 2012

Cameron and Andrew Barger

Meet the Barger family. Even on a hot summer day, the heat does not stop Erin Barger and her sons, Cameron and Andrew, from enjoying the outdoors. During their monthly exercise expedition, the family makes sure to stop by Bella Frutta to refuel before they run and bike home.


[Blog post] Video: Berry Lady Farms (plus a recipe!)

Posted by Tracy Newel on Jul 13, 2012


[Blog post] In the Bag: Tommy Gutierrez, Sumner Peck Ranch

Posted by karlikomoto on Jul 11, 2012

tommy gutierrez, sumner peck ranch

Meet Tommy Gutierrez, one of Sumner Peck Ranch’s devoted employees. His warm smile and charisma make any customer feel at home as he prepares the stand’s fresh fruit and wine tastings.

“The pluots are excellent,” Gutierrez says with a smile. “We like to take care of our customers, just like we take care of our fruit.”

sumner peck ranch produce


[Blog post] Stay hydrated this summer: drink your water!

Posted by alisamanjarrez on Jul 11, 2012

I'm beginning to wonder if the Fresno heat is what bonds this community. It's the one commonality we all share; no matter what our differences may be, everyone agrees that a projected 109-degree day like today is hot.


[Blog post] Breakfast that rocks (and rolls)

Posted by James Collier on Jul 05, 2012

Wow, I leave town for a couple of weeks, and three new food trucks pop up (one and two, and three)? That's pretty exciting.


[Blog post] Summer Eats to Cool You Down

Posted by Oli on Jul 05, 2012

The Fresno weather has gotten painfully hot since the arrival of the summer season, and in this unforgiving heat we might find it a little more difficult than usual to get out of the house. Here are three local places that can help you beat the heat (and satisfy your tastebuds while you're at it)!


[Blog post] Farm Tour: KMK Farms

Posted by Tracy Newel on Jul 01, 2012

It’s a dusty afternoon at KMK Organic Family Farm in Kingsburg, California. Dogs run along the side of our car and cheerily greet us as we roll up the driveway through the Jurassic leaves of an avocado grove. We stroll up to the rambling white farm house patio and are welcomed by Michelle Reynolds and Kristi Bravo, a mother and daughter tour de force in the central California farm scene.


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