[Blog post] In the Bag: Robert and Laura

Posted by karlikomoto on Jun 28, 2012

robert and laura at river park farmers market

Meet Robert and Laura. As they strolled through the Riverpark Farmers Market on a late Tuesday afternoon, the two enjoyed a day of fresh produce and live entertainment.


[Blog post] What's Your Favorite Late Night Spot in Town?

Posted by alisamanjarrez on Jun 20, 2012

Finding good food late at night is often a challenge in Fresno. In addition to Taco Bell and a few other fast food places after hours, there's Denny's, a couple of donut shops, and of course, Robertito's. Robertito's is delicious after a drunken fun-filled evening, but then when you go back later in the week during the day, it's just not the same (I must admit that I'm still a sucker for their machaca burrito for breakfast!).


[Blog post] In Berkeley, I found Fresno

Posted by James Collier on Jun 11, 2012

I've heard countless stories declaring that the best of what's grown in and around Fresno—fruits and veggies, but also talent—is shipped out of the area, often down to L.A. or up to the Bay Area. A short stay in Berkeley on Saturday brought these stories to life, as I found traces of Fresno throughout the city's food scene.


[Blog post] Weekend Eats...er, Drinks

Posted by James Collier on Jun 04, 2012

Mondays are rough; they're even rougher when you've been drinking all weekend.

Hey, don't judge--I was just out checking out a few early summer events:


[Blog post] In the bag: Noah Hamad

Posted by Tracy Newel on May 24, 2012

noah hamad

Meet Noah Hamad. He’s on his Saturday morning sojourn to buy early summer produce for his family. We caught up with him at the downtown Fresno farmer’s market on Tuolumne and Broadway with five brimming bags.


[Blog post] Tracy Newel: She's Not Just "The Chicken Lady"

Posted by alisamanjarrez on May 23, 2012

If you haven't met Tracy Newel, this girl can rock a pair of high heels and tell you what to do with practically any rare root or leaf you can find at a farmers market. She's been developing recipes for TasteFresno and other related projects for us since last fall, and we are proud to have her on our team. She fell in love with Martha Stewart from an early age and even has chickens in her backyard, just like Martha!


[Blog post] Strawberry season: local stands and delicious recipes

Posted by alisamanjarrez on May 16, 2012

Last month, The Fresno Bee proclaimed the arrival of strawberries to the Valley, complete with a map of local stands. Comments

[Blog post] Manchester Market: Takobbq

Posted by alisamanjarrez on May 11, 2012

The new Korean fusion food truck in town, TakoBbq, has been open just over a month now, becoming a staple at the Manchester Market. Their menu features kalbi short ribs, spicy pork or chicken tacos, burritos, rice bowls, and even a kimchi quesadilla.


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