[Blog post] Marcharita Tasting Results Revealed

Posted by alisamanjarrez on Mar 23, 2012

marcharita tasting results

Earlier this month, we asked you to try as many "classic" style (no fruit flavors) margaritas around town as you could in two weeks. Margaritas were rated based upon drinkability, tanginess, sweetness, and buzzability. This is by no means a formal survey and there are many more places and drinks to try, so the fun doesn't stop here!


[Recipe] Bubble and Squeak

Posted by dmzlucka on Mar 19, 2012

When Finnegan's was in business, this was one of my favorite things on the menu. Well.....why not, fried potatoes! When they closed I went in search of a proper Bubble and Squeak recipe and along came an "luxe" version from Food & Wine. I took this an modified it for the Fresno farm market scene. It can be a side dish or paired with a protein for an entree.....totally tasty with a Canadian bacon and a fried egg on top.


[Blog post] Marcharita tasting through March 15

Posted by alisamanjarrez on Mar 05, 2012

Hey there, margarita fans!


[Blog post] Highlights: Gumbo Throwdown at Vineyard Farmers Market

Posted by James Collier on Feb 13, 2012

I love when someone takes a great event and makes it better.

I also love gumbo.

Combine those two loves, and you have Saturday's Gumbo Throwdown at Vineyard Farmers Market.


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