[Blog post] TasteFresno Joins the "We CAN Help" Food Drive

Posted by alisamanjarrez on Feb 03, 2012

The Central Valley has the highest rate of food hardship in the country, according to Community Food Bank. Our food hardship rate impacts 330,000 people—including 120,000 children—in Fresno County alone. It's so disheartening.


[Recipe] Tuscan Cabbage and White Bean Soup

Posted by dmzlucka on Jan 31, 2012

J. Marchini Farms (at the Vineyard) turned me on to Tuscan cabbage so ...guess what? Tuscan cabbage and white bean soup. It's very simple and it fills your kitchen with an utterly divine aroma. It looked particularly sweet in my Deda (Grandpa) Jack's soup dishes (circa 1930). Note, there is a similar recipe in the current Whole Foods "4 Pillars of Health" flyer. Basically, its the same but I went a little nuts with the seasonal veggies and added the Tuscan cabbage, kale, chestnuts and lentils. Their recipe looks equally as tasty and probably a lot faster.


[Blog post] Seasonal Eats - January

Posted by James Collier on Jan 31, 2012

Well, here we are at the end of January. By now we've all shed those holiday pounds, and we're juicing our daily intake of fruits and veggies. Right? 



[Blog post] A beginner's guide to juicing

Posted by Tracy Newel on Jan 25, 2012

Juice. Green juice. Juice is hot right now.

Alright, it is citrus season, and what could be better than squeezing a fresh batch of Fresno navel oranges? What's that you say? There's a bowl of oro blanco grapefruits on your counter? Someone just handed you a few blood oranges? Now we're talking!


[Blog post] Happy Pie Day!

Posted by James Collier on Jan 23, 2012

Yes, Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 (3.14). But Pie Day is celebrated today, January 23 (1.23). So, we made a pie. 

This one's rum raisin. And it's all mine. 

Here's to pie!


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