[Recipe] Mexican Zucchini and Turnip Saute

Posted by dmzlucka on Jan 22, 2012

Tasty little side dish with my chili verde. My new years resolution was to eat fresh, local and in season so I had Mexican zucchini and turnips on hand and wanted them to "play well" with my entree. Volia!


[Blog post] January + Gin = Ginuary

Posted by Tracy Newel on Jan 15, 2012

January is a month of despair. After the highs of the holidays, we are left with a long, grey, and treacherous month of going back to the grind, attempting to shed a few pounds, and realizing that our New Year's resolutions mean jack squat.


[Recipe] Black Russian Cream Pie

Posted by fpudude10 on Jan 15, 2012

If you like to drink Black Russians, then you're going to love this decadent cream pie. It's a frozen pie, that will top off any dinner.


[Blog post] Nature’s Grill | The Real Reviews

Posted by jamescollier on Jan 13, 2012

Late last fall, a handful reviews for Nature's Grill were submitted to TasteFresno--each by a new member to the site. I was excited for the opening, and assumed a similar excitement was behind the frequency of reviews. But I turned skeptical after reading, noticing a pattern: no photo, four and five stars across the board, and only a short paragraph raving about an item like the sliders. Most also included a line insisting that the reviewer would be back.


[Blog post] Eat and eat... and eat at the next Local Bites

Posted by alisamanjarrez on Jan 05, 2012

This month for Local Bites, we are starting the new year off family style at Santa Fe Basque Restaurant. Although the restaurant has a little bit of everything on their menu (not just Basque food), we're challenging Basque food newbies to take the gluttonous plunge and sit with strangers at a large banquet table while being served dish after dish, after dish! Comments

[Blog post] Attend: New Year's Eve Gala at Erna's Elderberry House

Posted by alisamanjarrez on Dec 22, 2011

Every once in a while, we get to do something a little extravagant. Last Sunday, the TasteFresno team had the privilege of spending time with Erna Kubin Clanin, owner of Erna's Elderberry House Restaurant, and Executive Chef Gunnar Thompson to learn about their 2011 New Year's Eve Gala.


[Blog post] Bread crumbs: Stocking stuffer edition

Posted by James Collier on Dec 15, 2011

Save the date: January 11, Local Bites is at Santa Fe Basque!


[Restaurant Review] Max's Bistro

Posted by DaleWhite on Dec 11, 2011

So Tami, Lexie, Debbie and I had lunch at Max's Bistro today. The ambiance is somewhat industrial, with the metal art work and wooden furniture. Not the most comfortable. But the service was, and has always been, perfect.

We started out with the truffle fries, tossed with Parmesan cheese, sea salt, and herbs. Ask for the jalapeno-arugula aioli to dip them in. They are a treasure.


[Blog post] Vegan Restaurant Options in Fresno

Posted by JohnEsquivel on Dec 08, 2011

A little over eight years ago, I decided to take my already-challenging vegetarian lifestyle a bit further by transitioning to full-on vegan. I was still in high school and was pretty clueless on the changes that were ahead. I learned a lot in the process.

John Esquivel

What is a vegan?


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