[Restaurant Review] Long Island Bar & Grill

Posted by jamescollier on Jan 14, 2008

The proposed Fancher Creek development in Southeast Fresno will hopefully offer new selections for fine dining in the area (should construction ever start—the “Coming Fall 2007” sign is fading a bit). Until then, we have Long Island.

Perhaps I should be careful using terms like “fine dining.” Long Island faces little competition in the area, and it’s decent, but far from what fine implies. Kim and I have eaten here several times, mostly with her family, but Friday we needed a date.


[Restaurant Review] Leonardo's Pizza

Posted by jamescollier on Jan 13, 2008

While our selection of dine-in restaurants in southeast Fresno is somewhat lacking, we have plenty of fast food and pizza. Kim and I used to love Da Vinci’s—great crust, tasty sauce, and all for $10-12. Thus, we were less than thrilled when they moved out, and Leonardo’s moved in. It seemed a little suspect that the name was similar, as were the specials.


[Restaurant Review] Izi's Sandwich Shop & Deli

Posted by jamescollier on Jan 10, 2008

The name of this restaurant is as inconspicuous as its location (on the other side of Kim’s Donuts from the still-fairly-new Vallarta grocery store); It’s an Armenian/Lebanese deli and market. I’m not yet able to distinguish between these two cultures, but if I remember correctly Ara (I’m probably misspelling his name) and his wife Gloria, the owners, are from Lebanon.


[Recipe] Suckers

Posted by ZetaLSU on Jan 06, 2008


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