Noodles are boiling, turkey has been browned, sauce is simmering
Noodles are boiling, turkey has been browned, sauce is simmering
Noodles combined with sauce
The finished product, ready to serve!

Turkey Rotini Pasta with Homemade Sauce

Posted by greg.goforth on Nov 17, 2009

 I was getting tired of paying $5+ dollars for a jar of spaghetti sauce I thought I could make on my own.  The resulting recipe is my solution.  And my wife likes it....but I swear she's not biased or anything.  


1 can Italian Stewed Tomatoes
1 can tomato paste
1 can sliced mushroom
1 lb Ground Turkey
1 Box Whole Wheat Rotini Pasta


Garlic / Basil (I use a garlic / basil dried herb, I'm sure fresh would be amazing)
Parmesan Cheese


 This is a fairly simple recipe to make, but it's very tasty.  

Start by boiling your water for noodles.  Get this going first as it will take the most time.

Once your pasta is cooking, you can begin browning your ground turkey in a large saute pan.  Season with salt, basil, and garlic.  Once the turkey is done, remove from the saute pan and place in a dish.  We will be using  this again in a few minutes.

Now we will start the sauce.  Begin by opening and blending / puree the can of italian stewed tomato's.  We use the Magic Bullet for this, but you could accomplish the same thing with a blender.  If you like chunkier you can leave some of the tomatoes out of this process and add them back in later.  

Add the puree tomato to the same saute pan used to brown the turkey.  Add tomato paste and mushrooms to the saute pain and bring to a simmer.  Make sure to stir this often, and make sure the tomato paste is distributed throughout the sauce.  Season with salt, basil and garlic to taste.  Add the ground turkey to the sauce and continue to simmer for a few more minutes.  Also, TASTE your sauce as you cook.  It's a great way to know how your doing as your cooking!  There is no real rhyme or reason to how long you should cook this, but the longer you cook the thicker the sauce will become.  Once you feel it's ready remove the sauce from the pan and place in the same dish you placed your cooked ground turkey.

Now, I've been cooking with Whole Wheat pasta for a while now, and there is some downsides to using it vs. regular pasta.  I seem to think that the Whole Wheat pasta holds onto the water more than normal pasta.  Because of this, if you simply drain and rinse your pasta and put it on your plate, you will end up with a puddle of water on your plate.  The following is how I avoid this.

Add your cooked, rinsed pasta to the same saute pan you cooked your sauce in.  Cook the pasta in the saute pan, stirring often, for a few minutes.  This will help cook off excess water.  This is an important step and will make this meal so much better.  Once you have done this step, simply add your meat sauce back into the saute pan and mix until the sauce coats the noodles.  Top your noodles with some Parmesan Cheese and your ready to dish up!