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  • Rating 4.0

    Max's Bistro

    So Tami, Lexie, Debbie and I had lunch at Max's Bistro today. The ambiance is somewhat industrial, with the metal art work and wooden furniture. Not the most comfortable. But the service was, and has always been, perfect. We started out with the truffle fries, tossed with Parmesan cheese, sea salt  Read more...

  • Rating 1.8

    Tower Cafe

    With the demise of Tower Dog I have been waiting to see what would come of the situation. Well, it may be too early but Tower Cafe has a lot of work to do to be successful. First is a nice short menu; good. Strong enthusiasm; good. Food; not so much. The Tri tip sandwich I tried the other night  Read more...

  • Rating 3.8

    Brig Bruh's

        Always on the look-out for some great BBQ....I saw this place on the drive home today and recalled I heard they do BBQ, on certain days. Why not then....Welcomed warmly I was thrilled to hear I came on the Q'n day. Now what to choose.....hummmm, and then hallelujah, you can get all  Read more...

  • Rating 3.8

    Giuseppe Gallo's Capo di Cucina

    First off.....I was hesitant when my sister invited me to a board dinner at this place. I thought:strip mall food....yuck! Totally caught me off guard from the minute I walked in to the door. I was pleasantly surprised. The decor is warm and inviting and you almost forget you’re in a strip mall  Read more...

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