Restaurant Reviews

  • Rating 3.0

    Salaam Seafood

    During a recent Chinatown adventure I popped into a little place called Salaam Seafood. At the time I was filled to the brim on food from Paris Café and just grabbed a menu. Salaam is a family owned restaurant serving Southern Style seafood to hungry Fresnians. The menu speaks of recipes handedRead more…

  • Rating 4.3

    Casa de Tamales

    The journey to eat continues this week at Casa de Tamales. I didn’t know at the time when Bo and I stopped in but this brand new restaurant is garnering quite a lot of buzz around Fresno and I soon found out why. We actually stopped here on our way to a taquaria and were only going to pick up aRead more…

  • Rating 3.5

    The Ho Ho Kafe

    Chinatown in Fresno: It is weird, it can be rough, it has history and it has flavor on the cheap! The neighborhood has gone through many phases: Prohibition, bar district, gambling, prostitution, Chinese ghetto, and poster child for a failed neighborhood. The underground tunnels, just Google themRead more…

  • Rating 3.8

    Amir's Shish Kebab

    HEY ALL YOU HUNGRY MONKEYS !!!!! Bo and I happened upon another restaurant by chance today, an unintentional meal while running an errand in the Pavilion West shopping center. We happened upon Amir’s Kebabs and Mediterranean Food. We walked in to peruse the menu and the owner Amir was rightRead more…

  • Rating 3.8

    El Cochinito Contento

    El Cochinito Contento is a little Mexican restaurant that sits on Olive on the fringe of the Tower. It isn’t well known and the exterior does not lend itself to a particular amount of attention. The word around town from both the Mexican community, as well as those who fancy themselvesRead more…

  • Rating 3.8

    The Paris Cafe

    Bo and I were back in Chinatown to actually check out some Chinese food. Right on F Street there is a legendary little hole in the wall called Paris Café. It is known for big portions for people with small wallets. It is also known for its only waitress, Helen, who keeps regulars from every inchRead more…

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