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Reviewed by angie foodmuse on Nov 06, 2009

What's it like?

It's not easy to come across fine dining in the Fresno area but Trelio Restaurant is genuine fine dining with a local flair.  It's one of those types of restaurants that are always on the back of our minds to go to but we just don't drive to Clovis very often.  That's going to change after the delicious meal we had a few nights ago.
Greg and I decided a few years ago that, whenever the choice was ours, we would do our best to frequent locally owned restaurants. This is not only to help the local economy but because the service is usually better and the owner generally there to greet us. My father had that rule when he was still with us and would choose restaurants where “they know us and like us”. 
I made a reservation for 2 and had also “twittered” Chris Shackelford, owner and Sommelier that we were coming. At the last minute our party was 3 and we were warmly greeted at the door of Trelio by Chris and escorted to a table by the window. 
November specials at Trelio include 50% off bottles of wine so we were eager to peruse the list. We quickly found that we didn’t recognize most of the wines offered so we asked Chris to make the choices for us. He listened to what we preferred in wines and chose a Jules Melange Vin Rouge and a Meyers Chardonnay. Both were excellent wines and they fit our palates perfectly.
The menu has an excellent variety and it was difficult to choose. Mike (my brother in law) had a Grape Salad followed by a Scallop dish. Greg had the Beet salad (his favorite of the evening) followed by a Buffalo dish. And I dined on a Squash soup as a starter and a Potato Crusted Chilean Sea Bass for my entrée. It was heavenly. In fact, I would have had leftovers by Mike loved it so much that he finished it!
Co-owner Mike Shackelford is the Executive Chef at Trelio and is obviously creative and talented. In fact, I attended a cooking class there a few months ago and it was the best I’ve been to in Fresno (I’ll be at their mushroom class in a few weeks). He stopped by the table afterwards and we chatted about the different foods and his experiences with local cuisine. Chris is also a seasoned chef and gave me some excellent tips on shopping locally.
Greg and I have been to many fine dining restaurants located all over the country. We’ve paid up to $250 a person and received great food and wine but the portions were almost always tiny. At Trelio, the food is not only fantastic and a good value, but the portions are generous. Our total with tax and tip was about $75 per person (this includes 2 bottles of wine).
We’re looking forward to dining at Trelio again soon!


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greg.goforth  |  Tue, 2009-11-17 01:03

I haven't had the pleasure of eating at Trelio's yet, however I believe they did cater the Central Valley Stock Exchange event in October. There was 300+ people at the event so I wasn't thinking it would be anything to special. I was wrong, it was amazing. The dish they served was a chicken dish set atop some sort of mashed sweet potato. It was amazing and far better than any mass produced event meals I've had in the past.

Looking forward to dining in the restaurant soon!

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jamescollier  |  Tue, 2009-11-17 23:45

Greg, I consider this the ultimate celebration destination - beyond the exquisite cuisine, I love how Chris pairs local and hard-to-find wines with the meal. With your recent launch, perhaps you'll be celebrating soon :-)

There are talks of hosting a TasteFresno re-launch party at Trelio, as well, so that might give another sampling of the food. More info to come on that.

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greg.goforth  |  Wed, 2009-11-18 08:57

Awesome James, good to know. I like coming up with excuses to celebrate too, so I'll have to dine here soon!