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The Ho Ho Kafe
The Ho Ho Kafe
The Ho Ho Kafe

The Ho Ho Kafe

Reviewed by Dead in 60 Dives on Apr 09, 2011

What's it like?

Chinatown in Fresno: It is weird, it can be rough, it has history and it has flavor on the cheap! The neighborhood has gone through many phases: Prohibition, bar district, gambling, prostitution, Chinese ghetto, and poster child for a failed neighborhood. The underground tunnels, just Google them. Chinatown still has a few Chinese restaurants, Central Fish, weird shops, and a Chinese herb store from the days of old. If you had to compare it to anything it would be Los Angeles’ Chinatown and San Francisco’s tenderloin except with less people and far more boarded-up businesses. Despite the blight there are still plenty of reasons to go to Fresno’s Chinatown; we went there for food. We went to The Ho Ho Kafe, which claims to have the best breakfast in town. We wanted them to prove it.

When you approach the outside you have two signs, one claiming to sell American and Chinese food and the other claiming to sell American and Japanese food. Both are correct. They sell American breakfasts and Chinese and Japanese noodle and rice dishes. We came for breakfast as did everyone else in this relatively packed diner. The interior is classically built, featuring a lunch counter with attached stools facing a flat iron, with old diner tables and chairs thrown in to boot. None of the “china” or silverware match in anyway. The syrup bottle proudly states the brand name “Sunny Select.” This place was a classic hole in the wall dive in every sense of the word.

The service was with a smile and the regulars were all recognized by name. Some didn’t even have to place an order; the food just came. The Ho Ho Kafe has one review on Yelp and that patron recommended the “Chop Chop with Sausage.” The menu offered no explanation of what it was but it came with hash browns, toast, and coffee and cost $4.75 so I thought I would go for it. Bo went with a $4.50 meal of bacon, eggs, hash browns, and toast. Pancakes are sold for a dollar each and he added one of those as well. Coffee came out and was good old diner coffee from a can, not bitter and no complaints. Then came the food !

The “chop chop w/sausage” is essentially an omelet that encompassed my entire plate. Under the “chop chop” was a plate-sized portion of hash browns. The whole thing was topped with two pieces of toasted white bread. The omelet itself was well worth the money even without all the other goodies. It was different in the sense that it wasn’t just a giant folded flat omelet. Tasty sausage, peppers, and onions were chopped and tossed in. The hash browns were obviously freshly hand-shredded and the bread was just a bonus and (between us) was probably Wonderbread at best. Because the place was part-Chinese they had a host of condiments you may not see at breakfast. I am a hot sauce guy and the sweet spicy chili sauce I put on my omelet was a revelation. Far superior as a flavor compliment to vinegar-based hot sauces. Bo’s meal was similar: deliciously greasy, thin cut crispy bacon, delicious potatoes, crappy bread, coffee, and a fluffy pancake. He was blown away. He has been talking it up ever since. When we went to pay the woman rounded the ticket price to the nearest dollar making mine an even $5 including tax which means I even got a small discount. Awesome!

Best breakfast in town? No. Best breakfast for the price this side of Mexico: probably.

Go to Chinatown, Go to Ho Ho Kafe. Go some place new, go somewhere !!

Dead in 60 APPROVED !!!


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Samantha R (not verified)  |  Mon, 2011-04-11 19:02

I have been loving these guys reviews and they have more on that site they have. Went to that Mediterranean place in Pavilion West because of them and next time I have to go Downtown in the morning due to work I will be sure to get some cheap breakfast. This place sounds goofy and cheap(kinda like my boyfriend), so I can't wait.

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Anonymous (not verified)  |  Tue, 2012-12-04 17:19

I went with my sister and my boyfriend for the first time. I ordered four pieces of bacon and hashbrowns eggs a pancake!!.. it was delicious!!..i definitely recommend this place to anyone..felt real welcome and satisfied..