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Giuseppe Gallo's Capo di Cucina

Reviewed by dmzlucka on Nov 08, 2011

What's it like?

First off.....I was hesitant when my sister invited me to a board dinner at this place. I thought:strip mall food....yuck! Totally caught me off guard from the minute I walked in to the door. I was pleasantly surprised. The decor is warm and inviting and you almost forget you’re in a strip mall next to a grocery store and a Chinese fast food joint!  I held off on writing the review until my second trip....not sure if this was just a fluke.

The board dinner (hospitality ROP for Central High) had a bunch of foodies so everyone was "sharing" plates.  The crab cakes were amazing.  They were light and fresh (for Fresno-Clovis....that's nice), the sauces were flavorful but not over powering.  I wasn't 100% happy with my pasta (beneath my Chicken Marsala).  it was a little gummy.  Overall, I forgot my pasta since the Marsala was terrific.  We all ordered a variety of deserts -- my favorite being the Frangelico cake.  YUM!

Second trip was for lunch with two friends.  They both had the rigatoni (one with a mild sauce and the other much hotter).  Both were excellent and the pasta, this time, was perfect.  I had the rosemary chicken that came with a nice side of grilled asparagus and garlic smashed potatoes.  It was heavenly.  The chicken (boneless breasts) was filled with flavor and still moist (thank GOD!  No rubber chicken).  Grilled veggies were a huge treat for me (my grill at home pooped out so I needed a fix).  I could have had seconds but the portion size was more than enough.