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Reviewed by jamescollier on Jan 19, 2008

What's it like?

I can't remember exactly how the irony was explained to me, but I believe that "ichiban" is Japanese for "number one;" the owners of Ichiban are Korean (I think).

The restaurant falls into the category of "hole in the wall," which is a compliment where I'm from. They have a full menu, but I usually get one of the combination meals to go. My two favorites are the chicken terriyaki bowl, which comes with tempura veggies and a drink, or the chicken/beef combo, which has sauteed cabbage and vegetables (and a drink). All that for under $7.

Ichiban has larger "dinner" plates, but my wife and I split one of these and we get plenty. The restaurant is recommended as a destination, but if you happen to be in Southeast Fresno and need a meal, it's good.