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Pho #90

Reviewed by jamescollier on Jan 07, 2009

What's it like?

I’m more adventurous than many, but before trying a new place—especially one that is considered a hole in the wall—I like to gather favorable recommendations.

A couple of weeks ago a Twitter friend (who I’ve never met in person) proclaimed his love for pho, and then called specific attention to Pho #90, which I picked up on. I love pho, but my experiences have been limited to one restaurant, and a home experiment. I set a lunch meeting with a colleague and friend to put the recommendation to test.

Shortly before getting into the car, I second-guessed my decision, and did a quick Google search (I also needed directions). That yielded mixed reviews from Yelp and a couple of other websites.

To the point: the pho was decent—not great, not bad at all. I have a cast-iron stomach, and felt a little uneasy for the rest of the day, but I’d like to attribute that to all the chili peppers, sauce, and jalapenos…they usually don’t affect me, so I’m being nice.

The restaurant is a dive, and the service was…well, at least they served us. Very quickly, and for only a few dollars ($5 for a large bowl), actually, so I won’t complain.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad experience, but it wasn’t good enough to bring me back.


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juju (not verified)  |  Mon, 2011-03-14 13:12

Try Pho #777 on willow and nees. Great place!