Restaurant Reviews

  • Rating 3.3

    Mark of Excellence

    I opted to forgo Mickey D's and see what Mark of Excellence was all about. It was quaint. You order from the menu that is written on their chalkboard wall which I liked – gave it a diner feel. The place is really super clean – even the bathroom which has this great laundry room sinkRead more…

  • Rating 3.8

    Paradise Cafe

    I needed lunch. I also needed a lunch that was close to the office because it was raining. I wanted to try some place new which I didnt think I could find - I think I have eaten in most of the establishments around the office, however, I was wrong there was a new place (yay). IRead more…

  • Rating 1.5

    Samurai Sam's

    Okay, I was starving and wanted something close and although I felt like pizza I settled for a rice bowl. I hadn't heard good things about Samuri Sam's but I thought the most appropriate thing for me to do would be to at least give it a chance. Well, I gave it a chanceRead more…

  • Rating 3.8

    Kebob Express

    For a quick bite to eat, I love going to Kabob Express. Its close to the office, you can call in an order and now I just discovered they have Lunch Cards which means after my 10th bowl, plate, or wrap I get a free Plate #1 - which is my favorite. I love their lulu and humus. The bulgarRead more…

  • Rating 2.0

    Blossom Trail Cafe

    I am usually really excited to take a drive out to BlossomTrail for breakfast. It dosent happen often, so I enjoy sitting there drinking coffee and stuffing myself with fabulous food. James and I usually drive out on the bike, but this time I decided to take my little brother andRead more…

  • Rating 4.0


    James and I ventured out to the north side of town last night for our weekly date night. Yes, we have date nights. It was between going to a Thai restaurant we love or trying out a new place for sushi. Wassabi won. I will say it was not what I expected. Walking in you are greeted with a long shoutRead more…

  • Rating 4.0

    Los Panchos - Fulton Mall

    This is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. A coworker of mine convinced me to try their ceviche (a seafood tostada). I was blown away. I have looked for it at other restaurants, but have yet to find one comparable. The fish is incredibly fresh, the tostadas are crispy, and they pile on theRead more…

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