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Paradise Cafe
Paradise Cafe
Paradise Cafe

Paradise Cafe

Reviewed by KimCollier on Feb 24, 2010

What's it like?

I needed lunch. I also needed a lunch that was close to the office because it was raining. I wanted to try some place new which I didnt think I could find - I think I have eaten in most of the establishments around the office, however, I was wrong there was a new place (yay). I saw the sign for Paradise Cafe. It's a little hole-in-the-wall and looks like it used to be some sort of diner - its has the high counter with the step up foot area which the stools sit on. It wasnt busy, there was only 3 tables taken so I opted to sit at the counter. I am pretty sure its run by a family - mom and daughter and son. Based on the sign, I thought it would be more of a sandwich place, but I was wrong - its mexican. they have breakfast, lunch, and dinner (they also have ham sandwichs and burgers - go figure). I ordered the 3 flauta lunch plate. It comes with rice and beans and chips and salsa - and it was only $4.99. It was just enough food so I didnt get the I-am-so-sleepy coma after eating.

I was able to watch the food being made which was pretty fun. The flautas were really good - I got chicken and it was the perfect blend of meat and spices. The rice and beans came with avacado and sour cream - yum. The salsa was really good - spicy and it tasted like it had roasted peppers in it. The chips were a little stale, but not too bad. The people were really nice and the service was really quick. Its not the prettiest place, but it has the hole-in-the-wall character that I like and I am pretty sure its clean though I have to admit I questioned it at first. I would go back, in fact I need to try their breakfast burritos next. I now need a new place around the office for those since the 2 places I used to go are now closed ;(.

Has anyone else eaten there or had the breakfast burritos?



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chris (not verified)  |  Sat, 2010-06-05 00:01

Hello Kim as a matter of fact I have!! They are delicious and I’m not saying this just because I work there : ).

My name is Chris and you are right Kim it’s a family own business although I’m not the son I’m the nephew. I’m glad you liked the food and you are right it’s a “hole-in-the-wall” it used to be a diner back in the day my aunt Rosa made it in to a restaurant back in 95 so it hasn’t change since then that’s why it doesn’t looks that “pretty” lol.

Although It may not look pretty it has easily pass all food inspection for the 4 years I been there and I’m really sure it has pass all inspection before that.

But anyway I’m glad I accidentally discover this blog I was actually doing a query for “ ” to see how many people if any mention the site since I was about to dot com it but I discover the name was already taken :(,
so I guess were stuck wit .tk or .biz

by the way I’m a computer technician but I’m also familiar with html and some of my clients have business so I told myself why not make them websites and then link them in to my website so in that way everyone gets promoted it’s a good idea but it’s going little slow because of the economy.

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Patricia (not verified)  |  Sat, 2011-12-03 14:09

love this place found it when i transfered to work @ child support. love the salsa cuz its hot but sooo good. retired so had not been there for w yrs, then one day was downtown w/my daughter and told her lets stop there. well she had the flautas and shes picky eater, i had the pozole for the first time. omg it was so delicious so tasy and so homemade. my daughter ordered one to go.  now i want some but dont think they are open on saturdays??