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Samurai Sam's

Reviewed by KimCollier on Feb 03, 2010

What's it like?

Okay, I was starving and wanted something close and although I felt like pizza I settled for a rice bowl. I hadn't heard good things about Samuri Sam's but I thought the most appropriate thing for me to do would be to at least give it a chance. Well, I gave it a chance and it met my low expectations. I had the chicken breast rice bowl, white rice (I know but I love it so), Japanese vegetables (is green pepper a Japanese vegetable?) and I went in for a egg roll. I know this is probably being picking, but I love eating with chopsticks - so of course I took some to go. They smelled awful so that tainted the experience. The chicken didnt really have any flavor and the vegetables were tasteless. The white rice was good and so was the Mr Pibb. Mmmm Mr. Pibb. I spent $7.91 and while I know thats not alot, its alot when the food is not good. Grr. At least I took some extra sweet and sour packets. I really wanted to like it - its so dang close. But alas, I will not venture in again. I should have braved the fog and walked the ten extra steps to Kiku


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JasonMillar  |  Wed, 2010-10-13 10:57

This is a build-your-own Terriyaki bowl place.
It's like a Japanese Subway!
Located close to me - nice.