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BBQ sample plate
BBQ sample plate
'Nough said
Brig Bruh's

Brig Bruh's

Reviewed by pinklady on Nov 20, 2011

What's it like?



Always on the look-out for some great BBQ....I saw this place on
the drive home today and recalled I heard they do BBQ, on certain days.

Why not then....Welcomed warmly I was
thrilled to hear I came on the Q'n day. Now what to choose.....hummmm, and then
hallelujah, you can get all three on one plate: Chicken, ribs and trip tip with
home-made potato salad and bbq beans. I also throw in another side; greens.

Although I chose to take out after an
exhausting morning of fifteen 2yr olds, you can and should consider eating

First up was the chicken. Tender, perfectly
bbq'd with no burned edges. It was delicious. Next tri-tip. Again perfectly
executed. Tender and succulent with a fantastic smoky flavor. I would like this
cut dry but the home-made sauce is good. Last the ribs. A little dry but the smoky
flavor with the sweet and tangy sauce was great. The sides that come with were
good too. A nice summer taste of fresh potato salad where you could even see
what was in it... pickles, celery, potatoes and onion. The bbq beans had ground
beef and also some celery added with a little tangy bite. The extra greens were
a surprise in that they had quite a spicy bite. 

Can you tell it was enjoyed? 

We'll be back again and look forward to
trying the other items like Ox tails and pork chops with some of the other
sides to choose from.