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Tower Cafe

Reviewed by pinklady on Dec 05, 2011

What's it like?

With the demise of Tower Dog I
have been waiting to see what would come of the situation. Well, it may be too
early but Tower Cafe has a lot of work to do to be successful. First is a nice
short menu; good. Strong enthusiasm; good. Food; not so much. The Tri tip
sandwich I tried the other night was a few thin slices of smoked meat re heated
on the grill, a toasted bun and bbq sauce. Nothing else. No side, nothing else
to select such as cheese, grilled onions or peppers perhaps? nothing.

Their claim on yelp: We have a
homemade style of food. Burgers with special spices and ingredients pattied out
right in front of you. Also slow smoked tri-tip, slow roasted pullpork, and
rosemery roasted turkey sandwich's.

I know it is their first week band
enthusiasm can only take you so far. I suspect this will not last long.