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Canceled: TasteFresno's 2012 Tri-tip Cook-off

Posted by James Collier on Aug 20, 2012
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I was asked recently about my biggest disaster in the kitchen. I thought about the times that I've followed a recipe, but then even early on could tell that something was off—I've pulled off a few miracles, but I've also botched a few dishes beyond repair. See, experience doesn't keep us from making mistakes. It can, however, help us identify them before they're made.

It's that experience that forced a very tough decision late last week: to cancel our 2012 Tri-tip Cook-off.

Last year was the event's second run, and we had to close the gates early because of a last-minute spike in ticket sales, turning quite a few community members away. So this year, we made plans and formed partnerships to grow the event so that it could feed more people. To do so, we knew we needed a certain number of participants to guarantee success, but as of last week's deadline, we are far short of our goal.

On Friday, we talked with all of our partners, and as of this weekend, we have touched base with all contestants and vendors. Today, we're sending out notices to the press and to the community.

This was an incredibly tough decision. And not just because we love tri-tip—and bringing others together around food—but because of all of the time and talent that went into planning up to this point, and for the support our partners have showed. We're incredibly appreciative of these individuals and businesses:

  • The Fresno Grizzlies
  • Parker
  • CJ Bird of Roaming Bird BBQ
  • Certified Meats
  • Keith's Boxcar Cafe
  • Chef Delaney Boling
  • Motel Drive
  • Timmy Blue DJ Services
  • City of Fresno events crew
  • Local media - Mike Oz and The Fresno Beehive, Bethany Clough and The Fresno Bee, Bruce & Feleena from K-Jewel Cooks, K-Jewel/KYNO, Kopi & Liz from KMPH Great Day, and Zara & Jenny from CBS47 Morning

I'd also like to personally thank K.C. Pomering and the team from California Pomegranate for all of their help and support along the way. And to Alisa, Oliver and Karli (the TasteFresno crew) for the blood, sweat and tears they've put in to this.

Thanks also to those of you who've helped to spread the word, and who've shown support for TasteFresno and the cook-off. Please know that we want this event to happen, but we want it to be something that's sustainable.

Questions and comments about the event are welcome: